Foundation purpose:

To support schools and health in  Senegal,  Mauritania and Gambia  and possibly  other Africans countries,  in order to provide them with install computers, health equipment and office, and allow these students to become familiar with computers, but also to help hospitals with more efficient materials and useful things example information  about  ICT, and also providing them the  capital, knowledge for maintenance and the application of these equipments.

The founders of this foundation are Netherlands Senegalese and Mauritania origins and also we have families living in Senegal. If we are in Africa, is usually in Senegal.

Abdou Amar the president of the foundation was in 2006 a few months in Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania and was confronted with the poverty and the unemployment which in these countries and in great part among the young people. While it is good a primary education teaching there, there is less of connection on secondary education.
The youths are less motivated because they known after finishing their studies they stay without employment. In order to give them more motivation, we are ready to support them with computer studies.

The foundation Diméle Africa was created January 17, 2007 with Tilburg.