Which are our plans?
For all clearness, ourselves let us not have financing, therefore are entirely dependent on the gifts. We will gather the computers in the Netherlands via different sources like: The Internet, advertisements, factories, companies etc…
The computers will be formatted by Abdou Amar and then new installed with French-speaking programs. With Senegal and Mauritania, the primary language is with knowing French. We want in the future to also work with Gambia but then with English programs.

And then the computers are transported towards Africa. Abdou also goes for that itself to Africa. The computers will be offered to various schools which will need some to start with the universities, primary schools and secondary local schools.

What let us need for the realization?
In the Netherlands, we have already computers which are meadows for transport in the local ones, hollow and attics. In Nederland few peoples have some old computers and they don’t know what to do with them. We make it possible to withdraw these computers free.
We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the number:
18086855. It is primarily important for the companies. They can offer us these computers without obtaining any problems with the tax office.

What can be used now?
Computers starting from Pentium III or IV
Monitors TFT 15" 17" 19"
Parts detached like: hard disk, memory, Cd-brander, Dvd-brander, charts of sound, etc