Sénégal's Projects year 2010-2011 :


Projects are due to: IFF- Gemeente Tilburg- Rabobank- Basis school de Elzen- Van boekel Accountants- Woning Breburg- Fuji and Aces Direct.

* Project: Police of Parcelles Assainies

* Project: Hospital of Guereo to be follow...

* Project: Primary school Keur Nabou

* Project: Primary school U19 of Parcelles Assainies

* Project: Parish St - Paul of Grand Yoff

* Projects: SUDES

* Project: Primary school C.H.A.B U20 of Parcelles Assainies

* Projects: School of Guereo

* Project: Bakk lamp Fall

* Project: Secondary school Pikine Est

* Project SV REESHOF

* Project School Nelson Mandela

* Project School Riva du Savoir 2011

* Project School Keulumak 2011

* Shoes Project 2011